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Synthetic turf is an ideal option for your lawn if you want to conserve water and save on water bills.  Softlawn(R), supplied by Synthetic Turf International, is the industry leader in lawn turf and is  ideal if you want to put away your lawn mower and  fertilizer spreader.  It is ideal if you have a number of trees in your yard that negatively impact the growth of natural grass.  It is ideal if you live in a drought-prone area or one where water restrictions are frequently imposed. It is ideal if you want to have a lush, green lawn all year with almost no maintenance. 


Softlawn(R) is the perfect choice for hard to maintain areas like around swimming pools.  Since no mowing is required, there is no problem with grass clippings blowing into the pool.  Your pool area is enhanced with a lush green natural looking lawn year round.


Softlawn(R) is very pet friendly.  Dogs love its soft feel and you will love its lush, natural look.  The turf has a perforated urethane backing that drains quickly and is placed over a crushed limestone base that is sloped for proper drainage.  Softlawn(R) can be cleaned with a water hose as needed.  No need to fear mud holes and dug-out areas with synthetic turf.